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What is a typical day like for someone with borderline personality disorder?

There are severe aspects, not just one cemented rule. Like there are severe different walls to break, each one is build of a different material.

Many moods. Many different situations. Versatility. Overthinking. Emptiness. Sadness. Dissociation. Love. Pain. Tears. Knife. Death. Resurrection. Smile. Hope. Downfall. Uprising. Loneliness. Noise. Whisper.

It's like living in a hotel room. You don't know for how long you'll stay. Your stuff remains unpacked. Maybe a few shirts and a tie ends up in a6 wardrobe. Other things are just there. Waiting for you to suddenly move. In to another hotel room.

There are many but all the same in fact. Wals. Some furniture. Strange smell. Cube. No objects to remind you of something. No favorite things. Empty windows. Nothing to see through them.

It's a rhythm. You have to leave when things gets unbearable. You have to forget. You have to vanish before they vanish. You have not to love. Even if you want to.

But it's hard. Not to love. So you leave when it's night. With scars. And a sorrow behind you. No one deserves to be left like that. No one deserves to be abandoned.

It's just a hotel room and your suitcase is a coffin.

A thought, frozen in icy lake. When the spring comes and the lake will be thawed, there will be no more thoughts.


The Shackz

Emotional Support Line

083 651 3729

065 741 3428

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