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What is it like for people with severe depression? Do they see things as completely negative all the time?

Honestly…it’s so much harder than people realise. The thing with depression is that it’s not just “laziness” or “negativity”. Getting out of bed becomes a whole mess of energy, emotions and motivation. Cleaning and washing yourself. Basic self care goes out the window. I tend to feel numb most of the time. Not anything. Not happy, excited, energised, sad or tearful. There’s nothing there. There’s no energy for me to feel anything so I put on a mask and let people see the version that I want to be. The simplest activities become near impossible because you just don’t have the energy or motivation to do anything. For me, depression can be represented as a thick fog. It’s unclear where you are and you can’t see anything and can’t move because you don’t know what’s around you so you stay exactly where you are because you’re just unsure and scared and lonely. I hope this helps you understand a bit more about this topic. And keep asking questions! Not enough people want to know or understand.



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