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Can't a depressive person just change their mindset or listen to music, is it really that hard??

I am going to answer your question as nicely as I can.

What makes you think people with depression don’t help themselves?

I want you to use your imagination for a little while.

Imagine that every moment of every one of your days was spent trying to battle feelings of apathy, isolation, lack of motivation and a loss of interest in just about anything and everything including people.

Imagine on top of that you are wearing a coat made of iron and you are having to lug that weight around with you day in day out. You want to take it off but somehow the strength to do so has abandoned you. You feel exhausted by the sheer effort of having to put one foot in front of the other.

Now imagine that everything you do to try and rid yourself of this horror ends in failure until eventually you get to the point that you just give up trying. Imagine how crushing to the human spirit that would be.

Now imagine having to go through all of the above and pretend to other people that you are just fine because that’s what society expects of you. Basically put up and shut up and wear a smile while you are doing it.

Now. One last little imagination exercise.

Imagine that people think of your illness as nothing more than some sort of self centered activity that you could stop at any time ‘if you really wanted to just by helping yourself’ Once you have done that read your question again and ask yourself if you have done exactly the same and how much it would hurt the person reading your question.

I know I asked you to imagine how all of this must feel. Unfortunately that’s all you can do is imagine because you will never understand the depths a human being can sink to when they are consumed by the vortex of depression unless you have been there yourself.



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