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I just went through this, my oldest 32 years old…BTW I have disowned him….if I could share his text messages I would but lets not go there…this child went with his father at the age of 12 (narcissistic) father .I have been estranged from my son for 20 years…trying to build a bridge he played me and played me good till this last time….he turned out just like his father if not worse…I cringed when I read his text messages and I don’t even think GOD can save his sorry soul…I would pray for him but I rather beg the good LORD to help me deal with the abuse and emotional and mental trauma he has caused me…..


Kick the SOB out of the house. If he wants to play grown up, he shouldn't do it in your house. He has brought nothing but heartache. No man doesn't matter who it is can talk that way to their parents especially their mom. He has no respect for anyone.


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