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People with depression or other mental illness: what do you think others, who don’t have these illnesses, need to know and/or understand?

know how to motivate myself when I hated everything, believed in nothing, wanted for nothing.

I didn’t know how to keep myself alive when I didn’t want to be anymore.

I was back where I started.

But now I was alone. I was alone before, sure, but this time everyone thought I was recovering. No one considers regression so they stop checking in, and they stop asking how you’re doing because it’s assumed that you’re recovering.

How could I say that I wasn’t? That no, I’m still hurting and I’m scared and I want the bad feelings to end but nothing’s working, it feels like nothing’s working, even though what’s working just takes time and I have to hang in there and wait but waiting hurts and I’m scared, I’m so scared.

Six months down the line, everyone’s moved on.

No one stops to see if the person who almost killed themselves only six months prior is still okay.

Because once you hit a low point, it’s “all uphill from here,” right?

But recovery from mental illness is not linear. You don’t check milestones off a list and consider yourself “healed.” You take a step forward then two back then three forward then you fall down and it takes you a week to start moving again.

Do my good days outweigh my bad? Generally, yes.

But the bad days still come to put cobwebs on my ceilings and draw the curtains so I’ll go back to bed.

Don’t expect miracles.

And don’t stop checking in on your friends with mental illnesses just because they seem to be doing better.

They’ll still battle the same bad days they did before — and they’ll still need you to help pick up the pieces again.


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