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Don't you think one of the main causes of depression and anxiety is delusional thinking?


I do understand what you are getting at but in most cases this is not true.

Delusional thinking may present as a symptom of clinical depression but it is certainly not the usual cause of depression. Depression may have a number of causes but delusional thinking is usually a symptom of depression rather than its cause.

Anxiety may be a symptom of a delusional disorder in some cases. There are so many possible causes of anxiety or panic attacks that it is impossible to narrow this down to one cause.

Depression and anxiety are usually caused by a cluster of pre-existing beliefs, history, emotions, thinking and many other factors. Trying to simplify these complex disorders is an impossible task and usually does a disservice to the patient/client.


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How do I know if I'm suffering from anxiety or depression?

Symptoms of Anxiety.

Excessive Worrying

Biting your nails

Playing with your hair

Stage fright


Increased heart rate

Ringing in ears

Blurred eye or Eye strain

Pressure in chest or head

Burning skin, hot flashes

Weak legs or restless legs

Nausea, stomach pain

Shaking, trembling, twitching

Brain Zaps.

Symptoms of Depression

Loss of appetie


Suicidal thoughts

Prolonged low mood


Loss of interest or pleasure in your activites

Feeling worthlessness or guilt


Withdrawal from family, or friends.

Feeling less energetic

Significant weight loss or weight gain, or change in appetite

Difficulty concentrating, making decisions

Insomnia or Hyperinsomnia

Attempted Suicide.


The Shackz

083 651 3729

065 741 3428


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