#FYI This is a help Shack we aren't proclaiming that all of us is professional psychologist or psychiatrists. This is a platform for when you are tired of going to family and friends for help and hear #DON'TKNOW #CAN'THELP #OVERACTING or the most positive they come up with #prayforu Really right now you are in dire straights you have NO flippen way out. You just need to hear you say it out loud. Fess up to it acknowledge the damn thing. you need them to listen just LISTEN TO YOUR #shit...

Well this is why I am here to listen to help you find the way out with you not by coaching you. or debating your problem or analyzing it. I am here to listen you #talk . You help yourself i am just providing the platform for you to unload. And yes we discuss allot and yes I check up on you. I don't block unless you really push my limits. So yes in a couple of days you fall in and say HI by all means you are welcome.

I am currently looking for other's to help answering messages and yes i am going to meet with more investors, So hold your thumbs.

My vision for Chat Shack is to be there when accidents happen and the medics is busy with the parents and it's all chaos for that little one who was sleeping in the back of the car. Establish trust with them be with them in a crazy day or night of their little life's And be their calm in a wicked storm until a family member can take over and carry on keeping them safe

Be there at 2 am when you have no place to go been beaten raped thrown out on your ass and nowhere to go.. I want to be able to be there for you have a contact in every town to get to you and bring you to safety. Yes I work closely with shelters safe homes and people who really opens their houses up at night to give you refuge.

For that day you have to go to hospital with know one to be with you. Staff busy admitting and talking and you are lost in procedure..... Then i want to be there with you or know someone is with you when you wake up being all disorientated.

I can hear the small minded people go not do-able not thinking things through.. well i am doing it by hook or crook i am there and yes it"s close to my heart and would love to bring it to #success and be able to help more people in more towns.

So if you are part of a shelter please contact me would love to know how where when i can send people in your direction. If you are part of community security yes we need you to. If you have space for someone for a night or two let me know we NEED you!!!! Just being overwhelmed contact me we can chat. Can't help like you would like to guess what we can do with YOU to!!!! A R5 CAN REACH OUT OVER AIRWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!


So just say Hi.....

Chat Shack

What's up +27 836513729

+27 657413248

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