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It's such a little word. But in that one hi can be all your emotions. It really has impact on how you feel that moment in time. And saying hi on a chat is inconclusive but your response to how are you sometimes gives you away. So you say i am okay... But in the meantime your world came crushing down you don't know shit all you do know is that you are breathing. Your head is fucked running at 400miles per hour it covers a lot of ground but no lucrative thoughtd just running around non stop looking for a way out getting anxious not finding a stopping point ditection anything.

Listen to your heart???


Your heart decided his job discription is to beat so no more folow the hesrt thing.

Your hamster in yout head had lost control the wheel is whirring but NO ANSWERS your heart is beating with NO ANSWERS

You are standing at the ringside of a survival fight yes your own. Anf Life iz beating the shit out of you...


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