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15 And Pregnant

A True story

I knew this guy for about 4 years, we were on and off... I was 15 when we got together again for about a month. I was living in a different area at the time so most of our relationship was over the phone. When I visited family one time in his area, he took me to a party he was DJing at. We both got drunk and that was the night he asked to sleep with me. He didn't want to use protection. I asked him what if I fell pregnant? He said he would be there to support and look after the baby even though I lived in another area. Because I had strong feelings for him, I agreed. The next day I went back home and a couple of weeks went by, I told my school counselor I missed my period. She bought 2 tests and both were positive. I told him over the phone and he said he wasn't the father and that he wanted nothing to do with it. I was confused. Eventually his girlfriend started chatting, saying mean things like I must go and look for my child's real father. That's where I found out he had a girlfriend all along. Alot of rude things were said and we blocked each other. My mom was upset when she found out from my teachers as we had a meeting. She told me to have an abortion...she stopped talking to me completely, I had to do things for myself at home. You could cut the tension with a knife. One day she told me to get dressed and then she took me to the clinic without me knowing what's going on. She took me to the family planning side and told the sister we were there for abortion. I was shocked coz I planned to keep it. I told the sister that that's not what I wanted. She said okay let's do a scan to see how far you are. Seeing my baby for the first time was so beautiful. I was 12 weeks. She said no it's too far and that we need to speak about what we really want. Fast-forward to 20 weeks pregnant, I went for another scan and found out it was a boy. By this time my mom slowly started coming around. I unblocked the father and told him it was a boy and the due date. My msg was left on read. A couple of months went by, kids at school looked at me funny. Nobody wanted to talk to me at all. I was doing grade 11. I lost friends at home too. I couldn't do the things I used to do like drink ,stay out late and sleep over. I couldn't do P.E at school. I sat alone in the toilet at breaks. I sat alone on the bus on school excursions. Eventually friends at school got used to it and the girls in my grade made me a bag with baby items and clothes. After a while, the baby's father and I started chatting again...he asked to meet up. We did and he said he wanted to be part of baby's life and that his gf was influencing him. It was the first time he saw me pregnant. I let him in, trusted his words again. At 7 months I got back with an ex boyfriend who I was also on and off with. He was willing to be part of baby life. After I gave birth 6 months after turning 16, i stayed in the area he was living in, which is also where baby daddy was, I stayed with family. Even though that family was against my pregnancy at a young age and treated me different, My bf coming to visit me took my mind off everything. Fast forward to now....the baby daddy was never really involved. My bf has been helping me raise my boy. I've had to go to court for baby daddy to support and it's still little but I'm so tired of all the drama, begging him to be active and present, I just agree to the little he gives. My firstborn is about to be 3 and I just had another baby boy. I didn't learn from my mistake. I love my kids but sometimes I wonder how my life would've turned out if I didn't have them. If I just listened when elders told me not to make the mistake...I can't live the same life that kids my age live. I'm 19 living like an adult and how I wish sometimes I could enjoy life and childhood still . It's been a long tough process, and even though there were people here and there by my side, it's been really lonely.


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